Pennsylvania, Union

Mark Beatty, 30th Pennsylvania

For a brief period after the Second Battle of Bull Run, Mark Beatty deserted the Army, returning after Lincoln issued a proclamation of amnesty to soldiers who returned to their units. In spite of his momentary lapse of courage, Beatty served reliably for another eleven months before being killed in the fury of the Wheatfield. His death left his family without income, driving his mother to endure the exhausting process of seeking a pension.

Pennsylvania, Union

Benjamin Crippin, 143rd Pennsylvania

Benjamin Crippen was just 21 years old when he became the color sergeant of the 143rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. During the fight for McPherson’s Ridge, his regiment was eventually forced back. During their retreat, Crippin turned to the advancing Confederates and shook his fist defiantly. He was shot through the chest. The regiment’s monument features Crippin in his final moments of life.