Follow a Soldier

              Click on the names below to follow each soldier’s journey,

                from his hometown to his final footsteps at Gettysburg:

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Sgt. Oscar Allen, 5th New Hampshire

Sgt. Mark Beatty, 30th Pennsylvania

Pvt. James Bedell, 7th Michigan Cavalry

Pvt. Franz Benda, 26th Wisconsin

Sgt. George Buck, 20th Maine

1st Lieut. Rush Cady, 97th New York Infantry

Color Sgt. Benjamin Crippin, 143rd Pennsylvania

2nd Lieut. Edmund Dascomb, 2nd New Hampshire

Cpl. Prince A. Dunton, 13th Massachusetts

Col. Augustus van Horne Ellis, 124th New York

Pvt. Francis Gould, 13th Massachusetts

Sgt. Philip Hamlin, 1st Minnesota

Pvt. Hannibal Howell, 76th New York

Pvt. William Jones, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

Maj. Philip J. Kearny, 11th New Jersey

Col. Patrick O’Rorke, 140th New York

Cpl. John Pardington, 24th Michigan

Sgt. Charles Phelps, 5th New Hampshire

2nd. Lieut. Richard Townsend, 12th New Jersey

Adjutant (Major) Benjamin Watkins Leigh, Johnson’s Division, Army of Northern Virginia

Pvt. William H.P. Ivey, 8th Alabama

Pvt. Horthere Fontenot, 8th Louisiana

Pvt. Minion F. Knott, 1st Maryland Battalion (CSA)

Pvt. Octave Marcell, 13th Vermont

Jr. 2nd Lieut. Mitchell A. Anderson, 7th Tennessee Infantry

Sgt. Charles Appleton, 32nd Massachusetts Infantry

Lieut. Elijah Hayden, 8th Ohio Infantry

Pvt. John Carroll, 6th Louisiana

Pvt. Thomas Seymour, 1st Delaware Volunteer Infantry

Pvt. Adolphus Wagner, 39th New York

Lieut. Horatio Farnham Lewis, 145th Pennsylvania Infantry