The Fight for Little Round Top

New York, Union

Patrick O’Rorke, 140th New York

Patrick O’Rorke rose rapidly through the ranks of society, from a poor Irish immigrant in Rochester, New York to graduating first in his class at West Point. After a distinguished early war career as an engineer, he became colonel of the 140th New York Infantry. He led his regiment up Little Round Top to repulse a Confederate assault, where he died from a shot through the neck. His legacy as a hero lives on in Rochester and Gettysburg alike.

Maine, Union

George Buck, 20th Maine

Sergeant George Buck left his family’s modest but comfortable farm to serve his country with the 20th Maine Infantry. During an illness that struck him in the wake of the Battle of Fredericksburg, Buck had a run-in with a quartermaster and was demoted to the ranks. He continued serving capably in spite of this injustice. At his death, Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain restored his rank of sergeant.